Post Thanksgiving Musings

Here's what I've been thinking about today. A brain dump, if you will.

  1. I hate that shopping is considered news.

  2. I love having leftovers in the house.

  3. I dread the Holidays.

  4. I love Christmas.

  5. Multi-tasking is overrated. I made an apple pie at 2 in the morning on Thanksgiving. It was bliss. I didn't have to divide my attention between the apples and the computer and the dirty diaper and the feeding of people and the cleaning up after them and the fighting and the whining and the questions and the explanations and the people I love. It was me and the apples. And the pears, because I always put pears in my apple pie. I was surprised by how enjoyable a task can be when it's the only task at hand and the only thing being expected of me at that moment.

I just might survive the Holidays this year if I can find more ways to monotask. I might even -- gasp -- enjoy myself!

So I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday; let's tackle December, shall we?

* * *


Viv said…
Monotasking leads to sleep deprivation.

You wouldn't care to send me the recipe for your apple pie, would you?
nicole said…
tackle we shall...but may monotasking be before midnight!

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