Simple, Right?

So all I have to do right now is this:
  • Deal with a pair of poopy underwear, and the body wearing them.
  • Help 7-year old with daily homework first, then project due tomorrow.
  • Make dinner: healthy, delicious, for seven people.
  • Get the 11-year old to take out the piles and piles of recycling that have been waiting for the empty bin.
  • Supervise homework for resistant 9- and 11-year olds.
  • Staighten up living room -- so people can sit down.
  • Straighten up dining toom -- so people can eat and do homework.
  • Find some clean utensils.
  • Give 3-year old a bath. If nothing else happens, this better.
  • Look at a couple of projects that people will actually be paying me for.
  • Prepare end of October paperwork for various business and home related projects.
  • Stay cheerful, hopeful, patient, and POSITIVE! After all, I'm creating people here, right?

In other words, all I really need are three more sets of hands, arms like ElastiGirl, ten times the energy I currently have, a personal chef, fewer children, and a wife.

After that, I'm all set!

* * *


Viv said…
Right now, I'm laughing about our meeting of the minds, so to speak, once the kids start waking up it'll turn into misty eyed gratitude that, "at least someone understands me..."
Overwhelmed much?

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