Where IS That Lady?

Picking up my kids from school is becoming a huge bummer.  Apparently, they are not able to get themselves and their backpacks loaded into the minivan without an impressive amount of bickering and screaming.

It's embarrassing and exhausting and I hate it.

Today, for what feels like the brazilianth time, I asked them to stop fighting.  They did not.  For the brazilianth time.

Weary and distressed, all I could say to them was this: "This family needs a little more kindness."

Little T, all six years of her: "What we NEED is a little more mommy-ness around here!"

* * *

That's not going to make a working mother even more weary and distressed AT ALL.


* * *


I don't suppose you could lock them out of the car until they stop bickering and fall in line?
Or maybe just drive off and circle around again? Might freak them out a little...
SC, I have done both. I have also pulled over and made the worst offenders, if they are old enough, walk the rest of the way to wherever we are going.

Yesterday I was running late, and couldn't use any of those tips and tricks. :)

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