7 Quick Takes: Web Gems

I used to wish I had an extra hour or two in each day so that I could keep up with laundry and housecleaning.

Well, towels, socks, and clean bathrooms be damned, now I want those extra hours for discovering new things on the internet!  I am experiencing a renaissance of sorts, a re-discovery of the power of the web for GOODNESS and LIGHT.

Coming from a curmudgeon like me, this really is quite something.

To celebrate and spread my newfound Web-Wonder, my first 7 Quick Takes post in quite awhile highlights seven worthwhile ways to spend some time online, things to read, watch, or snort at.  Enjoy!

#1: A Catholic Quick Take: This week's reason to love Pope Francis.  Honestly, as if eschewing royal garments and red shoes weren't enough...if riding public transportation didn't do it...if living simply didn't just take the cake...now he steps out there and says just the most beautiful thing ever.  This man is holy.

Go read.  I'll wait.  Come on back after.

#2: A Colbert Response to the Catholic Quick Take Quick Take (3:50 minutes)

Honestly, as if I didn't already find him hilarious and brilliant...this man, this Pope of Basic Cable, is delightful.

#3: A Commencement Time of Year Quick Take (12:46 minutes)

Remember: when everyone is super, NO ONE IS.  Even in a Super Suit.

#4: A Reality Check Quick Take (1:14 minutes)

#5: An Awesome Education-Related Quick Take:

My work has allowed me to learn an awful lot about the amazing and wonderful things happening in the world of Education these days.  Take a look at this fantastic graphic.  For all of us who hope our children do well in school, I think deep down, this is what we really want for our kids...everything else can fall into place if they have these things:

This graphic comes from User Generated Education, as seen on Educator's Technology's website.  Visit them to learn more.

#6: A Random, But Inspiring Quick Take (14:32 minutes)

#7: The F-Bomb Quick Take...simply because I resemble that remark.  I wish I knew who to credit for this gem...I only know I grabbed it from a friend's FB page.

* * *

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Happy three day weekend to all!

* * *


Kelly said…
what a great list!
jen said…
#2: Colbert is one of the reasons I miss cable and satellite.

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