Fantasy Island

I crave quiet.

As a mom of five, I am used to lots and lots of noise, probably more than most people.  And yes, I suppose I have a pretty high tolerance for it.

But lately, noise of all kinds is just making me so tired.  Traffic noise.  Too many kids at school drop off.  Sirens.  Door slamming in my office building.  The radio in my own car.  The volume of Toy Story the other night; the rest of the family claimed they could barely hear it.  Bickering children.  Singing children.  Even, on my more stressed out days, happy children.  Even my email seems to be shouting at me sometimes.

I have been saturated by noise, and I kind of can't take it any more.

Accordingly, I will spend precious minutes tonight researching silent retreats I can neither afford nor have the time to attend.  A middle-aged woman can dream, can't she?

You know you're getting old when your fantasies are full of small austere rooms, no technology, and healthy foods.

I swear, this is my children's fault.

* * *


I totally get this. For my upcoming 50th, I've considered asking for a weekend at a nearby monastery as a present.
You absolutely should! I'm thinking of asking for the same thing for my upcoming anniversary...perhaps not as good of an idea.
Kate Hall said…
a room of one's own.

dig it.

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