Perspective, or the Lack Thereof

A friend in need called me today.  This post isn't about her trials and tribulations, but about how my call with her led me to bit of comeuppance.  Feel free to commiserate if you recognize yourself in this little narrative.

So I took my dear friend's call right at the moment when I needed to go move my car.  There are free parking spaces around my office, but they are time limited, so those of us who work here have to move our cars during the day, if we want free parking.  I myself go with free whenever possible.

I listened with compassion as I walked the short block and a half to my car.  Then, I listened more, as I sat in my car, opting NOT to talk and drive, but choosing instead to give her the time and attention she needed to get through a moment of crisis.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  I did not once look around to see if anyone had seen me get in my car and then tried to wait -- in vain -- for me to vacate a premium 4-hour free space.

After we hung up, I pulled out and went in search for another free spot.  Twice, I saw people get into their cars, and I quickly pulled my car around to claim their soon-to-be-empty spaces.  Twice, the people who got into their cars instead started talking on their phones.  I waited and waited for the first guy, gave up, and spied the second guy.  Score!  I waited and waited for the second guy, and finally gave up, driving away disgustedly and muttering to myself: "Why do these people all need to talk on their PHONES for crying out loud?!?!?!?!"

Seriously, self?  Do you really have that short of a memory?

Apparently, yes.

* * *

The third guy was much more reasonable.  Got in his car and drove away.

* * *


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