We Like Those Ladies

On our way to pick up our young Picassos from their art class, Lady E, Little T and I saw three Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity walking down the street.  I told the girls that these women are "Mother Theresa's sisters" and that they spend their days -- their lives -- feeding people who are hungry and taking care of people who are sick.  I explained that Mother Theresa started the order in India, and that she did small things with great love, and that we are blessed to know about her.

Little T got very excited, craning her neck to see the three women as they walked.

"Oh Mama, I like those ladies!  I would like to see those ladies every day!"

"I like them too, Little T."

"I love them!  Cuz I would love to have all that food they give people, because I LOVE FOOD!"

* * *

Dear Sisters,  I promise I will teach her and her siblings to love you for much more and to follow your loving example wherever they are.

* * *


Kristin said…
What an adorable comment!

"Oh Mama, I like those ladies! I would like to see those ladies every day!"

Children are so darn cute.
Lara said…
Monica, you continue to have a keen eye for irony and humor, and an amazing ability to write & communicate. Thank you for your blog....

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