7 Quick Takes, Volume 40: The Twittery Edition

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I avoid Twitter.  I need another distraction like I need another hole to pour food into 3x a day.  But I’m curious, so I’m experimenting.


Today is my last day in a Teenager Free Zone.  Tomorrow, I will have a teenager.  Tomorrow, you all need to start praying very hard.

Michelle Norris, do you talk to your kids in that soothing, velvety voice?  Can you teach me how?  Guttural barks aren’t working so well.

Homeschooling is a ridiculous proposition, true.  But so is having kids.  And getting married.  And getting out of bed in the morning.  So there.


Answer the questions you are asked.  If your daughter asks how to make a drink “on the rocks,” tell her straight up, no chaser.


Answer all the questions you are asked.  If your son asks if it ruins a soldier’s life to kill someone in a war, fumble through it.


Hardest thing about being a mom? Remembering that I’m supposed to be the calm, detached one. Not letting tantrums de-compose me.  Breathing.

* * *

Wow.  Twitter is a lot like Haiku.  Who knew?  OK, like millions of other people before me, I guess.

* * *


sarah said…
Came here via Conversion Diary. Those are some interesting questions you had presented to you! I'm glad I've never been asked them.
Twitter's fun. Join us!
Homemaker Man said…
Twitter is totally a blast.

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