I Missed The Fish

Yesterday went pretty much as I expected.  Resistance and reading both happened.  I call it a success.

And I received an unexpected gift in the waning hours of the day: Little T and I found ourselves together with 1.5 hours to kill and everyone else at soccer practices.

This is what we did with our time:

I watched her chase waves and squirrels.  I watched her scooter around the empty Crab Cove parking lot. I watched her play chicken with the cold water.  I watched her on strong legs and sure feet run as fast as she could across a wide expanse of lawn, laughing as she went.

It is so rare that I get to do anything with just one of my kids.  This moment dropped in my lap, and I reveled in it.  Often, time with Little T feels like constant damage control, between her tantrums and her screaming, her demands and her mischief.  But yesterday afternoon, there was none of that, just mommy and Little T, being goofy and having fun.  She ate her yogurt and made me giggle by pretending each bite was utter ecstasy, and she said with the happiest of grins on her face: "I like making you laugh, Mommy!"

She's good at it.

I captured some of her antics on film, and then took my eyes off of the real girl to look lovingly at my iPhone, at the photos I had taken...and during that time, she saw a fish jump through the water.

"Mommy!  I saw a fish!  You missed it, though," she chided.  "You were on your 'clicky-click.'"

I missed the fish.  But I got the girl.

* * *


Sandy said…
I needed, today, the sounds of waves and a laughing little girl.

Thank you.

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