Thank you Pia, Abby, and the entire WNT!

On the eve of the World Cup Final, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you to Pia Sundhage and all of the amazing women who are getting ready to take on Japan for the Championship tomorrow. You have thrilled and entertained us, you have kept us on the edges of our seats, you have, literally, brought tears to our eyes with your fabulous victories these past few weeks.

I have five kids who play soccer, three of them girls who watch you play and see themselves in 15 years. You are showing them how to be the toughest, most committed athletes possible, and you are showing them the true meaning of teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, and perseverance. You are raising them right!

I shamelessly used you the other day, when I was cajoling and coercing the girls into cleaning the living room. After pouring on the commands pretty thick, I heard one girl say: "Why are you pressuring us so much?!?!?!" My response was, of course: "Pressure makes us."

And then Pia, dear Pia, after all that pressure, you serve up the perfect antidote! Slow down, chickadees, enjoy the ride.

Go Pia! You are one of the most amazing and inspirational coaches we've ever seen.

We will miss the World Cup competition when it's over, but you better believe we'll be keeping up with all of you. Our greatest hope is that the attention you are getting this week will translate into greater and greater support for women's soccer all year round. Play the beautiful game, ladies: we will be watching.

Good luck tomorrow -- three girls, two boys, and a couple of parents out here in California are getting comfortable on the edges of our seats and are ready for a fantastic ride!

* * *


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