7 Quick Fruits and Vegetables: Volume 32

Friday day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to clasp.

Clasp your hands in thanksgiving that another Friday has arrived!

For today's 7 Quick Takes, I am glorifying the fruits and vegetables in my garden, because I need to eat more of them. I am locked in a dysfunctional relationship with carbohydrates, and I'm trying to create corrective eating experiences in order to change that state of affairs. Maybe these photos will inspire me to eat some green. Maybe you too!








* * *

I'm just happy that today's 7 Quick Takes got me out of the house and into the lively, bright, fragrant, sunny garden this morning with my camera. Happy Friday and weekend, everyone!

* * *

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Homemaker Man said…
Beautiful stuff! Your berries look great. I did a garden post today, too. Something about sunshine and Fridays, I guess.

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