What Ails Me?

I have lost the ability to see my crazy life as humorous. Hopefully, this is temporary. I read other blogs, and laugh at the antics, or the craziness, or the stinkbugs, and I think: "Wow, my pink eye, barf, broken appliances, broken bones, flooded garage, and garden-that-needs-a-radical-transformation-before-our-annual-garden-tour-in-3-weeks could be funny too! Why can't I find the funny? Why, instead, do I feel the need to bury the details of this miserable happy life so far from view that they all might just disappear if I wish hard enough?" I think this is why I haven't been blogging. I start to write, and then I hit the delete button very hard about 200 times, curse at the computer, curse at the laundry, and go feed people instead. Because I can always count on someone needing to be fed, or wiped (as in as I type this right now).

But as Spring Break limps to a close, and I'm both more than ready for the kids to go back to school AND not ready because uniforms aren't clean and backpacks from 10 days ago still hold lunch boxes from 10 days ago (one smells extremely citrus-y), I would like to get back to this blog.

So, as Spring Break limps to a close, I will limp back to my blog...hoping to find the funny, and the sweet, and the beautiful.

Right now, I am going to go out in the rain, to clean toys off our lawn, so that Rick can re-seed it and put down a layer of soil. This must happen in the rain, because we have to have each and every day of the next three weeks bring us closer to a show-ready garden; rain cannot stand in our way. If I find anything funny while I'm out there, I'll be sure to write about it.

* * *


nicole said…
maybe i should drive by and honk at you!
Teacher Mommy said…
I've been missing you. And I COMPLETELY understand how you feel. I've often found myself unable to find the funny in my life as well. The good news is at some point I can't help but start laughing because it just gets to that point! I'm sure it will with you as well...
Viv said…
I understand about not being able to see the funny. I can recant the recent happenings around my house to other people, even other well meaning people, and I get annoyed with their laughter. "I'm so-so-sorrryyyyy," they stutter, "but, you're just so funny." As I'm not laughing much as of late, it seems that they are laughing at me, rather than with me. My mother, last night, had to pull herself together to come out with, "I'm reporting you to a reality tv show, you need a camera crew documenting this stuff, it is too hysterical not to share."

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