Good For What Ails Me

God, grant me the valium
To put a happy face on the things I cannot change,
The liquid courage (I prefer Guinness) to force the children to do what I want,
And the wisdom to know when to put myself in a time out.

* * *


Homemaker Man said…
Praise be.

Don't take those simultaneously, it'll f up your liver.
HM: So noted. I promise to wait at least 10 minutes between the two.
Viv said…
Why 10 minutes? You mean you can't use the beer to wash down the Valium? News to me.
Viv, I know, HM is such a buzz kill. :)
Homemaker Man said…
Oh good, so now I"M the cop. My parents, teachers, and every other authority figure I've ever had would be shocked.

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