The Little Things

Rick took the four olders to school today. My job was to get the littlest muppet out the door and to daycare. Early this morning, I made a list of things I must accomplish today, this being one of the three days of the week I have no kids with me. That list is sitting on my dining room table growing fangs, hair and teeth.

Pressure. Pressure to get things done, to do things well, to go out into the world with confidence.

My response: "Ah, screw it. I think I'll read to Tallulah instead."

Well, that sounds more noble than what actually happened. What happened was my 3 year old TV addict was begging to watch "sumpin" before going to daycare, and I was standing firm: no TV before daycare. After 15 requests for TV, she switched to asking for a book. I tried to say no, I really did, because I was feeling rushed. But I figured, damn, I really should encourage the whole reading thing. So a little reluctantly, I sat down on the couch to read.

One book later, repeated five times, and I found myself stuck to my couch, cuddling with Tallulah and Bob Dylan, covered in a cozy blanket, and playing silly games. Oh, to clarify, Bob Dylan is her stuffed monkey. Anyway, her most favorite thing these days is for one of us to be Bob Dylan's voice and to have goofy conversations with her. Today, Bob talked about her recent pink eye, where she does (and maybe should) go poop, polka-dotted seals, his favorite food (bananas, of course), and how much he loves her. He lamented the fact that he cannot use medicine for pink eye, like she did recently, because, as she pointed out, he cannot blink his eyes for the eye drops.

They hugged each other many times. They kissed a lot. She was exceedingly happy.

I was half an hour late dropping her off at daycare. The to do list is now growling and throwing china.

It was worth it.

* * *


Viv said…
I took the three youngest with me to the grocery store today. It took me less than 10 minutes to remember why I avoid shopping with them in tow, like the plague. The dogs shredded the trash bag in the kitchen while I was gone. There is now trash strewn across my entire home, including things like empty bacon packaging under my bed. I am avoiding dealing with this by reading blogs. At least I got the obvious mess picked up. After the kids get home, I'll start hunting down the rest.

I am now too defeated to accomplish anything on my own list, which is written with a broken crayon on a paper that was supposed to be signed and returned to school. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

Beer anyone?
I'll take that beer!

Viv, you know I feel slightly guilty when I write about my daycare days...b/c I know YOU will read I'm just here to tell you that your turn will come! In a few years, you actually will have time during the day by yourself. Or even just with your youngest. I have 2-3 days a week with her, 2-3 days a week by myself....and I STILL haven't managed to do any grocery shopping without taking the girls (the three of them) with me in months. Shopping with kids is hell. Which is why I always end up buying good beer, even when I'm trying to keep costs down. I'm pretty sure I would save money if I did not shop with them.

You found a crayon to make a list? Then all is not lost...

Go girl; rock it.
Viv said…
Monica, I've been there. At one point, I had my oldest three all potty trained and in school. Then I started over, times three. It makes me question my sanity sometimes.

I know that I'll get there again. Don't feel guilty. :)
Viv said…
Oh crud, and I almost forgot again...the crayon was seized from a three year old who dredged it up from ???!!! to make a mural on my newly painted wall, otherwise, I would have been SOL. I signed two report cards with that crayon today too. I have no shame.

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