My son was invited to a friend's house earlier this week to play. He was reluctant to go. It wasn't that he didn't like the kid or the family -- he loves them. But he is my home-body, my stay-in-pajamas kid, my "I prefer my family" guy. I am happy to give him plenty of time and space to just "hang" on vacation, but I really wanted him to go because I knew he would have fun and because I thought it would be good for him to get out of the house after several lounge lizard days in a row.

I forced him.

He was unhappy with me, and called me the meanest.

Nothing I said could convince him that he would have a good time, not the possibility of a hike with a dog, nor the possibility of a visit to the California Academy of Sciences. Nothing.

But then, he found his own motivation: "OH YEAH! Last time I was with "Joey," we were trying to figure out the DNA of a booger! We can do that today, too!" And just like that, he was chomping at the bit to get over to his friend's house.

Whatever gets you off the couch, buddy.

* * *

May we all find our own personal reasons for getting out in the world, spending time with friends, and discovering new things in 2010.

* * *


TJ's Mom said…
that is hilarious! i actually cried about going to birthday parties when i was little. ha! my mom and i were talking about that the other day. i think she wished i carried that same feeling for parties throughout college...i didn't.

love your blog! : )
Hillori said…
Ha-ha! Sounds like my boys...obsessed with bodily fluids and functions!
Kerri said…
is this something with being 11 or the oldest child? His classmate (my daughter) will sleep until noon and hang out in her pj's every day on the couch and then got mad at ME on Sunday evening before school started because she didn't do anything all winter break. Sheesh, she went to a cute cabin on the Russian River with her favorite Uncle for 2 nights, saw all kinds of friends and family, we hosted 4 parties, played the new Wii, went shopping, to the movies, out to lunches, dinners, bowling, and a tourist day in SF.
I didn't get to sit on the couch once all vacation...which is all I really wanted to do.

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