Ice Cream: An Essay in Pictures

All while wearing big girl underwear.

* * *


Homemaker Man said…
What a lovely mess. How old is she? The word verification for this post?
HM: she's three. What was the word verification?
Sandy said…
Hurray for the big girl panties! I remember the days that ice cream was ALWAYS outdoor
Teacher Mommy said…
It looks like she may have managed to get that ice cream all the way down to those big girl panties!!!
AGGrannie said…
Surprise!It's me ! I am wiping tears from laughing so much and maybe a little nostalgia too. Picture that day when you can look back and just remember laughter! You are a top-notch Mom, wife and daughter in law!
Sandy, and outdoor treat, and ALWAYS vanilla. For now, at least.

Erin: thanks!

TM: Yup, and into her shoes.

Grandma Lola, sure you can laugh because you're not here helping clean up the aftermath! Just kidding, dear: we miss you. And I'm already laughing, believe me. :)

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