Give. And Pray.

Haiti needs us. I cannot fathom what I am seeing on the television and on the internet. We are so incredibly fortunate here in the United States. We experienced our own tragedy back in 1989, so we can relate somewhat. But our earthquake then was bigger than the one in Haiti yesterday, and the devastation there is immeasurably worse.

Haiti needs us.

The pictures speak volumes of the suffering.

We can't do anything at all except give money. So if you can, give to Doctors Without Borders, a trustworthy non-governmental organization with a proven track record for providing real help and real relief to people who are suffering.

And pray. And keep these people in your minds and hearts. Let them know that the people of the United States are with them.

* * *


Hillori said…
Thank you. I have heard good things about this organization.

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