Hallelujah, She's Learning

My 3 year old has taken awhile to get used to the whole "Mass behavior" thing. By this, I mean that we go to Mass every most Sundays, and while I would hope she would be used to the routine by now, she seems to be stuck with the idea that the pews are her personal jungle gym and the high ceilings are her personal echo chamber. The climbing is one thing, a nuisance to believers in our immediate vicinity. The loudness, however, well, she shares that with everyone from the slackers in the back to the cantor to the altar servers.

But this week, I finally saw some progress. She still tried to climb, although maybe not quite so much. But the beauty part? As she sat in my lap, squirming away and trying to charm the folks behind us, she kept coming in close to my face, taking my face in both of her hands, and then leaning up to my ear to whisper, mercifully, "Yo-wuh breath smells so gwoss." Approximately 8 or 9 times.

It's true: I ran out of the house without brushing. She was right. I am so glad she didn't feel the need to make the rafters ring with her proclamation. I said a few heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving for her hushed tone.

She is, ever so slowly, becoming civilized. I, on the other hand, am backsliding. Ewww.

* * *


Viv said…
You're hysterical, because you're serious, and we can all identify. Well, at least I can. ;)
Jen said…
Ha! My brother and I used to spend church services singing in each other's faces to gross each other out.
Teacher Mommy said…
Oh dear. This is why my children go into Sunday School. It's never a good thing when they have to sit with me.
Kelly said…
You're so good. You bring them to Church. It's the only way they learn. I was a chicken with my youngest, and just started taking her. She's mercifully past the loud stage, but is still stuck in the monkey in the pew stage. She also likes to stare at people, which is a bit disconcerting. I tell you, three is hard!

And I've left without brushing for 7:30am Mass. Seriously, like no one goes to that one, so my bad breath is a close-kept secret.

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