You know you have a big family when...

...the "family pass" to the zoo only covers half of you.

* * *

We had a great time at the zoo yesterday. We had some strict rules: we eat the food we bring with us...we go on ONE ride only...we play nicely with each other. The first two rules were based on my desire to have enough money to also buy groceries this week and the third was based on my desire to avoid coming home bald. I'm happy to report success on both fronts.

A couple of highlights:

Tallulah, riding her "baby roller coaster," which was actually just little tiny cars driving in a tame circle. She thought she wanted to go on this ride, but spent the entire time covering her face and wailing "I TOO TIRED...I TOO TIRED!" The operator stopped the ride half way through and pulled her off.

Hearing Tallulah in front of the chimpanzees: "They my family!" She's been taking her sibling's teasing to heart. She actually thinks they are being sweet to her!

Watching my boys watch me ride on the tiger rollercoaster with Lola. They were sure I was going to barf, or weep, or fall apart somehow. I went up in their esteem because I handled it just fine. Either that, or I disappointed them, or maybe a little bit of both.

The Reptile House. Just plain awesome. Great frogs, turtles, lizards.

Get thee to a zoo. You'll thank me.

* * *


nicole said…
memories are made from days like kids went on a roller coaster for the first time this summer at the fair and I was so nervous for them. Ack!
Viv said…
I love the zoo. Soon it will be cool enough here to go!

*I am so annoyed about the family pass thing at our zoo too.*
Linda said…
Even with family pass... too expensive here. Your little one is adorable. Just found your blog; nice to meet you!

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