"I don't hate all boys.  Just most of them." -- 4 yr. old

"Frogs are the best birthday present anyone ever got ever." -- 9 yr. old

"I hurt my leg at school today, so I took the kiss you gave me this morning off of my mouth and put it on my leg to make me feel better."  -- 4 yr. old

"Mommy, it's 10 o'clock in my butt." -- 2 yr.old

"If I miss the soccer picture day this year, I'll have to be photoshopped in to it." -- 10 yr. old

No vitriole here, just hours of endless entertainment.

* * *


Anonymous said…
Given my mood and the way things are going, for us, I sure hope we are not asked what it is! I love you, Rick (aka "husband")
Viv said…
I forgot what I was going to say, two of my children just exited from opposite bathrooms telling me that I'll be needing the plunger.

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