Take It On Faith...

..take it to the heart...the waiting is the hardest part.

Someone please tell me that having my daughter do the dishes is worth it...even if I have to do them over again.

Someone please tell me that encouraging my son to "take pride" in doing a chore well is worth it...even if he rolls his eyes so hard he can see the back side of his skull.

Someone please tell me the whining and shrieking and bickering will pass....even if they're all past 30 when it does.

Someone please tell me that the seeds I sow today will someday grow into strong plants, because frankly, I am aware only of weeds and the stench of manure.

Which leads me to this one: someone please tell me that the youngest will someday not wear diapers.

Just took a 30 minute break from this post while handling 2.5 full blown melt downs. One homework induced...one push pin in the hand induced...one-half other people melting down induced.

I am waiting, waiting, waiting for the back-breaking, bone-crunching, body-wearying work to pay off.

This. Is. Impossible.

Take it on faith, because there is absolutely, positively nothing else on earth that makes any of this make one iota of sense.

* * *


Kerri said…
awww, one day, Monica, we will all be laughing at the struggles of motherhood over cosmos on the beach, while the kids are slaving away at the life as adults....
I can not wait! They will be great upstanding citzens of conduct and life. AND we will forever gloat when the sun sets on our happy hour. Cheers!
Kerri, I'll meet you on the beach! Can't wait, myself. Thanks for the encouragement! :)
Viv said…
Ouch! I hope that today is much better. (((hugs)))

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