What Our New Frogs Have Taught Me

I have learned that escaping crickets are no cause for alarm.

Turns out, that if you accidentally let a couple of crickets loose in your house, you'll come across them in a day or two, catch them, and dispatch with them forthwith.

As I sat at the top of my stairs today, putting on my shoes, a bit of motion caught my eye. There, hopping down the stairs next to me, was one wayward cricket, lost in the boys' room a couple of days ago. At the time, I felt considerable panic and disquiet at the prospect of something buggy jumping around the house. And here he was, looking like he was out for a stroll to check out the new digs.

One plastic cup and an index card later, I caught the little stinker and surprised Beans and Bella with a mid-morning snack.

I no longer need to freak out if a cricket gets loose. What else will these creatures teach me?

* * *


Momo Fali said…
I think I may still freak out! At least a little.

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