When You Have Older Brothers

In the car, of course, on the way to some kid function (of which there are many), Vincenzo was playing with two whiffle balls he got from his baseball coach. They both cracked somehow, so he had these four half whiffle balls, which he thought were pretty cool.

So he says to me: "Mom, I cracked both of my balls, and then--"

And he was interrupted by his 6-year old sister who said, in exaggerated voice: "YOU DID? WOW, CENZO, THAT MUST HAVE HURT!"

I laughed for at least five miles of freeway.

* * *


Viv said…
Oh, thank you, thank you for the laugh! Made my morning.
Helen McGinn said…
*LOL* Kids are crazy, aren't they? In a good way.... ;O) xx
Charlotte said…
She's quick! That is too funny.
Momo Fali said…
Balls are always good for a laugh!

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