Major Dilemma

I am philosophically opposed to "Spring Pictures."

OK, that might be a little strong, but for a family of seven people that watches its few pennies, it burns my backside how many times we are enticed to buy, buy, buy. Spring School Pictures seem to me to be one of those times.

When I was a kid, we got one set of school pictures each year. And as a mom, I really love getting these pictures each year of my kids. But isn't one enough? Isn't more than that just another way for the picture companies to reach into our pocketbooks? The second set of pics irritate me. The kids get to wear "free dress" for these, so they aren't formal uniform shots, and they look, admittedly, more fun than the Fall pictures. The cynic in me knows that this is just a ploy to separate me from my cash.

Every year, my kids beg me to buy Spring pictures. Every year, I decline. They get mad. I stand firm. They get madder. I stand firmer. It's a dance that has worked until now. (I have promised that they can each have Spring pictures when they are in 8th grade.)

So not only does the school take Spring Pictures but they send home the packet whether or not you order them, and the onus is on each family to return the packet either with an order or without. Every year, I unceremoniously return the envelopes after a cursory glance.

You must know where this is going.

This year, after the usual Mad/Firm/Mad/Firm dance, the kids were resigned to no Spring pics. Oh, but then the envelopes came home. These pictures are fan-bleeping-tastic. My kids look so incredible, so handsome, so beautiful that I fairly melted away on the spot.

I am such a wimp.

Do I give in, thereby doing serious damage to my credibility and my already shaky reputation for standing firm? Do I cave, and get these absolutely stunning photographs? Or do I stick with the party line and keep my integrity intact?

It may be a moot point. I haven't actually looked at what these babies cost, and when I do, my resolve might become a whole lot stronger. But right now?

I am officially torn.

* * *


Viv said…
One suggestion, go to the photographer's website...our school sells the downloads (for way less money) but they don't advertise that option in the picture packet.

If not...I am such a sucker...I'd buy.
nicole said…
I'll take photos for free!
Jen said…
I'm a sucker for a good picture, so I'd buy.

Our school pulls this BS too. Seriously? Two sets of friggin school pictures? Bleh.
Sarah said…
I have big time issues with this too. I think it's just mean to send them home if you didn't order them. It seems so manipulative to me. What parent wants to tell their kids I'm not buying your picture so take them back to school. It's a total ploy to make parents feel guilty so they buy the pictures. Stand firm Monica, stand firm!
Teacher Mommy said…
Thank goodness I don't face this! Well, YET.

Actually, the "school" pictures taken this fall were the first formal, posed photos we've ever had of the kidlets. We just have never gotten into the habit of carting them off to the nearest Walmart, Meijer, Target, or Sears to have those milestone pics taken. I kinda sorta regret it, but then I think of the money and the fact that we have lots of regular pics taken by multiple cameras by various doting relatives, not to mention ours, and I'm all "Meh."

Am I depriving them of some sort of significant cultural experience here?
kerri said…
Hey "Momica",
I usually DO buy the pictures, but not the plastic accessories that fit on your key chain (that doesn't go over well with the kids). I have to say, although the kids look great in their photos, the background is SSSSOOOOO boring, hence, I am not buying them (and the price went up, no background = more $$$?). hope that's some help.
Helen McGinn said…
Scan them. Oops, did I say that out loud? ;O) x
Teresa said…
Ok, so Monica I'm reading your older posts and am so delighted! I feel your pain. I don't usually buy the spring pics either. But last spring I fell hard for Dominic's pics. Just couldn't resist an 8 X 10 for his "baby" book and later on "hope chest".

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