You know you have a big family when...

…your teenager sees baby doll feet poking out from underneath a pillow and momentarily panics that there has been a serious mishap with a baby.  Some baby.  Not sure whose baby, but somebody's baby.  Because there have in the past always been lots of babies around here.

* * *

Poor kid.  He came upstairs half laughing, half crying in relief that he did not, in fact, stumble upon the scene of a homicide.

Makes me wonder what his reaction was when his last sister was born.  I imagine something like: "Oh look, another baby.  Pass the pizza, please."

* * *


Shelly Rivoli said…
Hilarious! I think you get that knee-jerk reaction as a mother, too. And with the third child, I lost all inhibitions about having serious talking-tos with other people's kids who are out of line. You?! ;-)
Oh yes, Shelly…oh yes. :)

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