Survival Tip #1

I'm starting a new feature at AIRY5.

Mostly, I'm doing it because I seem to have lost the ability to blog of late (new full time job side effect, methinks), and I need a quick and breezy way to get back into it.

And this idea -- Survival Tips -- is perfect because that's the way I am parenting these days.  With that new full time job, four kids playing soccer, being a Team Manager, and various other volunteer responsibilities, I pretty much cling to survival tips.  I have no time to ponder the deep truths about teenagers, or preteen girls, or little folks just starting Kindergarten.  No time for broader implications or logical and well-thought out foundations for parenting strategies.  Give me something to get through the next 5 minutes...and then the next 5...and then the next...and I'll make it to bedtime.  Which is my primary goal, each and every day.

So without further ado, my first Survival Tip, this one for parents of teenagers:

Ignore the rampant narcissism.  
This too shall pass.  
I hope.

* * *

If that gets you to bedtime, then my work is done.

* * *


Self-centered doesn't even begin to describe it, does it? I remember when we informed our then-13-year-old daughter that we were moving in 3 days. "What's that got to do with ME?" she asked in disgust.

No lie.
Suburban Correspondent: That is hilarious. And so classic teenager. It's like they're inhabited by sullen aliens for a period of time, isn't it?

You have the benefit of living through to the other side. There is hope, yes?
No wonder there is no time for blogging! :) Danica Martin

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