Survival Tip #2

Do not waste time on sentimentality.  Do not attempt to shield your young ones from distressing news.  
Give it to 'em straight.

* * *

Apply this tip to a variety of ages and situations.  A few examples:

When your littlest neeeeeeeeds her blanket, which happens to be in daddy's Volvo, not due to arrive for an hour and a half.

When your kid's teacher sends you an email with some distressing news on the academic front, and you must confront said kid with this information.

When Barcelona loses.

When there are no more cookies.

When someone didn't get a Jamba Juice and someone else did.

When you forgot to pack the sharing item of the week.

* * *

Think of it like ripping off a bandaid.  These things go much better quickly and painfully.  The alternative is only slowly and painfully.

* * *

Not that I'm learning this lesson one more time or anything.

* * *


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