We've Got It All!

It's been a loud week here at Casa Alatorre.  Let's see...we've had:
  • An ER visit, followed by all kinds of fun tests and scans
  • High fevers (3 out of 5 kids)
  • 1 barfer (so far) 
  • A hacked checking account
  • 8 straight days of rehearsals/performances
  • Soccer camp: that we are running, not simply attending
  • Lots of eating in the car, ergo, lots of spilling in the car
  • Lots of getting places late

Usually, when people say things to me like "I don't know how you do it," I kind of shrug it off.  Usually, my attitude is that everyone has their own version of normal, and this big ole family just happens to be mine.  

But this week?  I don't know how I do it either.  I think I must be sleep walking through the sturm und drang, or traveling inside a protective bubble.  Or maybe that's just God.  Or denial.  Or the nightly cocktails I've had with my dad.


I can't plan ahead more than 1 hour this week.  I'm hoping we don't get hit with any more excitement.  I wouldn't want that protective bubble to burst.

* * *   


Homemaker Man said…
Nightly cocktails with dad is nice.

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