I am a list maker.

I live and die by my lists.  I make them every morning, and use them like a religious zealot.  And while there are not many things about which I am obsessive or anal retentive, when it comes to my lists, I am both.  I need clean paper and good pens.  In a pinch, I'll go for a very sharp Ticonderoga pencil, but I'm bound to feel just a little resentment that I can't find one of my fine point pilots.  

I don't need much. Clean paper.  Good pens.

So when I sat down this morning to make my list, and found my nice new pad of yellow legal paper had been hijacked by a 5 year old, I was displeased.  Here is what I discovered:

And it went on and on and on.  Every.  Single.  Page.  Of a brand new yellow legal pad.  

Stupid creativity.  This is what happens when I don't let her watch TV.  I won't make THAT mistake twice.

* * *

*True confession: it was not that long ago that I had to turn to my teenager to find out what SMH means.  Here, for the also clueless among us, is the translation: Shaking My Head.


Kate Hall said…
thank you for the smh description, was feeling doltish. and please, get that kid back on tv... good pens and clean paper are sacrosanct. :)
nicole said…
i love you. so funny. try hiding your paper under your pillow!
Kerri said…
at least they were all smiling at you....
Thanks for explaining SMH! And, apparently, I draw at a 5-year-old level.
Sandy said…
All of her drawings were smiling. That can't be a bad thing.
Homemaker Man said…
Add to list: Berate 5 year old.

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