Willie's Got Some Looooooong Fingers

Say what you will about the decline of Western Civilization.

All I know is that when I logged on to Facebook this morning, I saw that a friend of mine had posted one of my favorite Shakespearean resources, the Shakespeare Insult Kit, which I have posted about before and from which I got the following fabulous insult: "Thou reeky, onion-eyed malignancy!"  I cannot wait to come across someone I can use this on.

Next, I piled the kids into the car and carted two of them off to the first day of Shakespeare Camp.  In two weeks time, my 13 year old will be in a production of Hamlet, and my 10 year old will be in a production of King Lear.

Next, I went off to work a few cities away, where my organization is sharing space with a summer camp, and found my office space occupied by a bunch of teenage thespians at -- you guessed it -- Shakespeare camp.

Will Shakes is everywhere, man.

Did you know he gave us these (and more) common phrases?

dead as a doornail
all of a sudden
fight fire with fire
good riddance
green-eyed monster
in a pickle
love is blind
vanish into thin air
too much of a good thing
up in arms
wild goose chase
...and many, many more

I love the fact that these words, that his words are continuing to reach across the centuries and shape our culture and our kids.  Once again, Shakespeare is in my village.

For me, this is such stuff as dreams are made of.

* * *


Thanks for the link - I love it!

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