So....I've gone back to work.

Some things I've realized:
  1. Coming into the house at the end of the day requires approximately the same amount of energy as powering a small nation.
  2. Using my brain in a new way all day long is a strange and wonderful experience.
  3. I really, really need a new wardrobe.
  4. I really, really need a new haircut.
  5. There are TONS of chores around my house that I have been doing that my kids can and should be doing.
 * * *

My kids, I'm sure, have their own take on my return to work.  I hesitate to ask, because I'm not sure I want to know the answer.  My 7 year old daughter's unsolicited commentary on our new state of affairs?

"It's like we don't even have a mom!"

Blacking out now.  Will return momentarily. 

* * *


nicole said…
hang in and hang on.
Viv said…
I heard the same thing from my 12 year old daughter who has *chosen* not to live with me. It hurts...but, life is seldom if ever, fair.
I'm impressed! Every time I think about getting a "real" job, I quail at the thought of the logistics involved.

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