Indignation and Glee and Hypocrisy

Finally home after a long day, I pulled the leftover paella out of the fridge, mouth watering in anticipation.

Then I took a look, and my indignation flared.  How dare she go through here and pick out all the chorizo!  

She would be my 10 year old epicurean, and she's been known to raid a dish for tasty shrimp and juicy sausage.  Once, she sat with Rick and I, and while the two of us bantered on in some conversation, she selected 30+ pieces of shrimp out of our paella pan, piling them up on the bench next to her and then slipping away to watch a movie with her siblings, a small bowl of pink and white jewels by her side.  We figured it out too late.

So when I first looked at our leftovers, I was not pleased.  I was down right affronted.  However, on closer inspection, I saw plenty of dark red disks nestled in the luscious saffron rice, and my disappointment turned to glee!

What did I do next?  I mined that sucker for as many bites of chorizo as I could find.  Whoever might be next to these leftovers will miss out.  Big time.

* * *


Viv said…
Lol! Now I am hungry! Pass on your recipe to me, pretty please.

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