Today we locked wills.
Today, you wanted yeses and all you got were nos.
Today, we both shed tears of frustration for the same reason: not getting what we wanted.

I understand, my sweet.
I see your amazing strength, your goodness, your will to kindness.  I see you.

So no, you are not just a handful, not just a challenge, not just defiant.

You are the light of the world.

And in a darkened living room, at the close of a day that swirled with anxiety, tension, conflict, you, your sleeping sweaty-ness, your warm weight on my lap, are my reward.

One I may not have earned today, but which God in his infinite goodness and mercy, has given me anyway.

Peaceful Little T

I want this to be enough.  I want to be grateful enough and clear-sighted enough to let this beautiful face carry me through the day.  To keep me on the right path, to keep me hopeful, to help me be your light of the world, until you go on to light up other places.

* * *


Sandy said…
My "light" turns 35 on Friday. She still challenges me, dares me, confronts me. She is still the brightest light in my universe and the best thing that I have ever done.
Homemaker Man said…
Everything, right? They are every frickin' thing. This was lovely.

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