Thank You Ben Greenman!

Ben Greenman of the New Yorker has enhanced the celebration of my wedding anniversary!

Well, Ben Greenman and John McEnroe. In the New Yorker blog The Sporting Scene, Greenman has proposed that June 22 be henceforth known as You Cannot Be Serious day, in honor of McEnroe's response to the umpire in his Wimbledon match on June 22, 1981. Read more about it, and Greenman's proposal, in the Sporting Scene blog, here. And on June 22, 1996, Rick and I got hitched.

That is just perfect. Perfect for the ridiculous life we lead, with all these kids, socks, spoons, books, art projects, and bagels. Perfect for the way my kitchen looks three times a day. Perfect for the frequency with which stuff breaks around here. Perfect for the way whenever we have just a little bit of extra money, one of our cars needs major repairs. Perfect for capturing my response to learning that I would be having a fifth child. Perfect for being married to a guy who brings home giant paella pans, huge plastic light-up nativity scenes, broken garden chairs, and manual typewriters on a regular basis. Perfect for reminding myself to laugh, laugh, and keep on laughing at the impossible.

Perfect for a seriously hilarious life, with some seriously fabulous children and one seriously devoted husband.

Greenman encourages us: "Use the phrase liberally every year, for one day: with your spouse, with your boss, in the car, even to yourself." Sounds good to me! Although, I have a feeling I'll be using it a touch more frequently than once a year.

* * *


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