She Drives a Hard Bargain

My tude-ridden six year old has developed a shrieking habit. When she is mad, when she perceives some injustice done to her, when she is overly tired or hungry, the littlest provocation sets her shrieking. It sucketh.

(I've tried to stop the kids from saying "that sucks," since it sounds trashy and rude. Somehow, adding -eth to the end makes it less so. Right?)

Tonight, in a fit of anger, she decide to combine shrieking with drawing hateful pictures of her sister. She was promptly and decisively placed in a time out.

After sufficient time had passed, I told her she could come out. She did not. A few minutes later, this came from her room:


Looks like I will be enjoying a nice, shriek-less evening.

* * *


nicole said…
oh oh oh. i hear hollywood knock'n
Kate Hall said…
I think I'm looking forward to te teenager who locks himself in his room... I do, although-- nervously...
bleu said…
LOL... My son has done that, decided to stay in time out as a protest... that was fine with me, I got some extra quiet.

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