Summer 2011

I created a new page over there in my right hand side bar, called SUMMER 2011: THE LIST. This page will chronicle the Best. Summer. Ever. hosted by the Best. Mom. Ever.

I decided I needed something visual to help me plan and enjoy summer. My usual pattern is to vow that Summer will be awesome and to spend the next several weeks yelling at short people and basking in failure. Maybe, if I have a list, things will be different. If nothing else, I am a hopeful person.

And speaking of hope, I hope you will visit this new page and give me suggestions for fun summer activities.

Happy Summer everyone!

* * *


Homemaker Man said…
I'm going for, "The Summer Ever."

Aim low, don't disappoint.
bleu said…
Great list. I had to do the same thing; luckily DS will be with grandparents who have a major agenda. I'm in the Bay Area too. Don't forget the local festivals. PS-I want to check that movie out too.
nicole said…
you go.
in our house we call it "summer mom"

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