So 2000 and Late

Lady E is enjoying the Brain Quest app on my ipod. We have the flash card versions too, but ya' know, that e-phone-i-crack-thingee is just too tantalizing. No more boring cardboard flashcards for these kids. Bells and whistles, please. (Literally, the app makes bell and whistle sounds when she answers a question correctly.)

Today, she got this one right:

Which came first, buttons or zippers?

After she got it right, she mentioned casually: "I knew that zippers came last because buttons are like such an 80's thing."

She's six.

I think there's a joke in there somewhere about leg warmers and Amish people, but I can't find it under all the bickering, lunch preparing, failed homeschooling attempts, arguing, yelling, bickering, complaining, crying, chore-resisting and general mayhem that is my home at present.

* * *


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