More Fun with the Math Mom

Let me be clear: I am not the Math Mom. The title does not refer to me. I run from math. Math taunts me, teases me, torments me.

I used to be pretty good at math, but then motherhood compromised my brain cells such that most of what I use them for now involves tricking children into doing my bidding. As the children get older, this actually requires increasingly difficult mental gymnastics, so my brain is pretty darn busy.

But math is important! Right? Right!

This is the Math Mom. She's great. She writes about all kinds of ways to engage your kids (and yourself) in math. Her site features articles, resources, and interactive games, and you can subscribe to her newsletter which has stories, puzzles and ideas to "spice up your weekend and help present math to your family as a toy and a friend." You can also 'like' her on Facebook, which I did, and which is how I found the very fun link I'm sharing here. It's a Frog Leap Test, and it stymied me. My 5th grader solved it in about 15 minutes.

Go ahead, click on that link up there, and give it a try. Be prepared to get stuck in front of your computer screen for a little while. And if you get stymied, The Math Mom kindly posted the solution on her blog here. I did not use that post. I just spied on my 5th grader.

Maybe I'm becoming a little bit of a math mom myself.

* * *

Update: My six year old solved it in about seven minutes. She scares me.

* * *


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