Little T Shows Me Some Love

My pierced earring holes are non-functional.

This distresses my daughters, who are all about the ear bling. Two have pierced ears; the other -- the Little T of my title -- will when she turns six. The age of 6 is entirely arbitrary. I had no plans for ear piercings, no magic age when it was time for piercings. But then, sometime before Lalaloopsie turned 6 (that's my oldest daughter), she and I decided to get her some holes for her birthday, and thus began the 6th birthday girl tradition in our family.

But my four ear holes, three on the left side, one on the right (it was the 80's) are mostly closed up. Every so often, I try to force earrings through them, draw blood, and give up.

Back in the day, I was an earring-wearing fool. Dangly, turquoise, beaded, homemade, looped, Telegraph Ave. purchased, the more the merrier, I loved earrings and had an extensive collection. My mom, sister and I gave earrings for most gift occasions and admired each others' baubles. It was fun and awesome.

Then motherhood hit. At that point, I lost the ability to keep, let alone wear, earrings. (I get to blame motherhood for whatever the hell I want to.) I do regret the loss of earring-wearing. One Mother's Day, maybe four years ago, I got them re-pierced, but I've fallen back into my neglectful ways, and they are once again all clogged up.

Tonight, Little T was sitting on my lap, doing her kissing me too much thing, drawing swirls on my face and generally doting on me. She took my left earlobe in her fingers, caressed it lovingly, and said: "These are your earring holes, mommy. You used to be pretty."

I think I'll look into getting them pierced one more time.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
This sounds a lot like me, though I didn't have quite so many. But yes, those babies...just too risky to wear earrings around them! Just recently I got my second hole re-pierced in my right ear, and finally took the plunge to get a cartilage piercing in the same ear.

Now I can be a complete (but sexy) dork and wear the chain earrings from cartilage to lobe, a la the Bjorans and elves.

Oh yes.

That much of a dork.

But it's FUN.
nicole said…
i have three holes in my left ear and 1 in my was the 90's! only 2 semi functional...i guess i used to be pretty too. oh out of the mouths of babes.
i've wanted to get dels ears pierced for years now since her ears are only functional to balance her BTE but daddy says we will use it as a bribery in the teen years!!
I'm sure you're pretty even without them. I, however, know that I am not so that is the ONE thing that motherhood hasn't taken away from me.

Kerri said…
that was hilarious, little T never misses a beat for good blog fodder. And if we are keeping count from the 80's & 90's, for the record, I have 5 in one ear, 2 in the other, 2 in my nose. But neither of my daughters have any piercings. They seem to remember they have holeless ear lobes right about the time soccer season starts and they get envious of the girl who has to tape her ears. I tell them to remind me again when soccer season is over, I'll take them..they never do. sigh.

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