Ask Me Anything. Except That.

I finally had to have the talk, the one I’ve been dreading, with my daughters. I know, I know, there comes a time in every child’s life when she asks big questions. I had just hoped to have a few more years before dealing with certain issues, a few more precious years of preserving their ignorance and avoiding delicate topics.

As a parent, I consider myself fairly well prepared for most of life’s tough questions. But this one? Not so much. I just didn’t want to have this talk. Didn’t want to justify my own behavior. Didn’t want to talk about how old is old enough for certain behaviors and habits. Didn’t want to answer any detailed questions. Didn’t want to give away too many of my secrets.

But today, a day that seemed ordinary in every way, the question came my way:

Is coffee good for you?

There is no right answer to that question.


Homemaker Man said…
Yes there is. The answer is yes, it is good for you, as an adult. Anti-oxidants and seratonin levels etc etc. Obviously, everything in moderation . . .
Teacher Mommy said…
Oh yes. It is. Just, as HM said, in moderation.

Two travel mugs a day is moderation, right? RIGHT???
Jen said…
LOL! Was reading that in anticipation of some good pointers for my own "talk" that I'm quite sure is just around the corner...we had the coffee talk a couple of weeks ago :)

Viv said…
"I don't drink coffee because it is good or bad for me. I drink coffee because it is good for YOU!" -Viv, pre-caffeinated to her concerned offspring
Kristin said…

You're a very funny writer. --And when you actually do give "the talk" please share. I need tips.

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