Help Me Get My Techno Geek On

Got an iphone. Learning to use it. Kind of have a love-hate thing going on with it.

Do any of you bloggers out there mobile blog? Have you tried different blogging apps? What are my options? You know, cuz I jet set a lot, and have my most brilliant ideas when I am carpooling to exotic destinations like soccer practice.

If you blog from your phone, do you like having this ability? Has it proven useful, or just so-so? What do these apps reasonably cost?

An inquiring blogger wants to know.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Good lord, woman. I took a major step up the phone tech tree when I got a phone that had a camera.

When my contract is up at the end of May, I will be switching over to MTL's carrier and account, and I'll finally replace my POS phone. I just need it to survive a few more months. At that point I will have the thrill of choosing between one of the many, many smart phones out there, including the i-Phone.

So you may be hearing a scream for help from me in due time. Learn, woman, learn. Then you can teach me!
Kerri said…
i don't know about posting a blkog, but I can read yours through the google app of Reader. I link all my favorite blogs to that and I am able to read at my leisure on my blackberry.

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