Why Bookstores are Dangerous

My 10-year old walked past an interesting book today at Barnes and Noble. He just came downstairs from being in bed to ask us about it. The title?

5 People Who Died During Sex, and Other Terribly Tasteless Lists

Woo-hoo! Talk about freakin' the kids out!?!? That's almost as good as the priest telling the new 7-year old communicants about St. Whatsername, who died of esctasy at the moment she first took Holy Communion. (Really happened at our 2nd child's First Communion Mass; thankfully, my kid was focusing on his shoelaces at the time and missed the entire story.)

Nothing like being afraid of the Eucharist AND sex.

Kids, the lesson here is to stay the hell away from bookstores. (I might be sneaking back to buy that book, but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! don't tell the kiddies...)

* * *


Viv said…
I was raised Catholic as anything, as in my mother is Italian and her bible from her Confirmation is actually signed by the Pope...but, this is the first I've heard of St. Whatshername. I must have done a lot of looking at my shoes during mass and CCD as a kid too. I'm still laughing...which probably wouldn't be welcome in church.
Oh yeah, St. Whatsername is the patron saint of moms who don't get enough sleep and can't remember a damn thing. She was martyred when she saved a group of children from certain death by stepping between them and a raging bull -- she thought they were hers, but it turns out they were someone else's, a harlot's no less!
Viv said…
ROTFLM*O!!!! ...omitted only because we're talking about St. Whatshername.

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