Can You Say DIVA?

photo credit: Auntie Debra

I love this kid. She is such a great combo: pink dresses and black sambas, fashionista shades and dirty fingernails. She even has a Dirt Diva hat. (Want one? Click the link and you too can garden in style.) Perfect. Love it.

She also seems to be developing an interesting habit. I first noticed this last soccer season, when she spent the better part of every Rockets game chasing, pummeling, and harassing a certain 9 year old boy, an older brother to one of our Rockets players.

Then, at the Summer Concert event we went to last Friday, I spied her full on chasing a boy she met that very evening. She runs like a beast, and she was totally after him.

Then, last night we were at the park with some friends and again, there she is, chasing a boy she just met, and being chased in return.



What am I going to do with her when the real chasing begins? I don't think I did much boy chasing when I was her age, certainly not when I was in high school. I suppose, as has been my experience with all of my kids, she will teach me how to be a mom in those moments.

* * *


Viv said…
I shudder to think about those days to come. Good thing she has brothers.

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