Do I Have What it Takes for Garbage Day?

My two-year old daughter loves garbage trucks. She gets excited when we see them in our travels around town, but nothing compares to garbage day at our house, when these magnificent machines come barreling down the street.

This is cute, right?

We live on a corner, which means there are four different garbage truck routes. And since there are two trucks per house -- garbage trucks and the alternating green waste and recycling trucks -- no less than eight times a day, each and every Monday, a garbage truck goes by and must be honored with her adoration and fervor.

She is not satisfied by merely running to the window and looking at them. We have a little routine. She hears the trucks down the street, comes running to me screaming "GARGH CHUCK, GARGH CHUCK" with arms outstretched, and I must grab her in my arms, run to the front door and out onto the sidewalk so that she can wave madly at the driver. As the truck drives away, she says "BYE BYE CHUCK!" She is ridiculously happy when we do this.

Still cute, no?

OK, it's cute, but EIGHT TIMES A DAY??? It gets tedious, this dropping everything and running out the front door. God forbid we are a couple seconds late, and she cannot wave like a crazed groupie. I can't hide during a truck's passing; I've tried, but it gets ugly and the price is just too high. I have been known to get out of the house early, to get those errands done and skip the whole experience. But that doesn't work during summer, with a house full of sleeping kids.

So here it is, Monday morning, and I am thinking about putting on some really loud music to drown out the local celebrity trucks. That would have to be some pretty loud music, and I'd have to keep it on for hours. Hmmmm. A possibility.

I know I'll miss this when she outgrows it. For now? Just getting myself prepared for the gleeful mayhem that is garbage day at the Alatorre house.

* * *


nicole said…
it could be worse...trash pick up routes could be on different days!
Viv said…
Ouch! Some of the world's most adorable moments aren't much fun in duplicate.
Teacher Mommy said…
At least her mispronunciation of "truck" is a decent one. DramaBoy chose a hard "K" sound to replace the "tr". Which made it awfully embarassing when he spotted and loudly pointed out a Big Black Truck.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment over on my PPD post. I always like your comments.

Of course, if you linked an email to them, I'd be able to respond personally when you leave them.

Just sayin'. ;)
Kelly said…
Your daughter would love my street. Trucks ALL DAY, some starting at the ridiculous hour of 5:45am.

(Also, thanks for commenting on my Johnstown post. There was so much more to add, and yes, in some way, the town did have a slight warning, in that some area trains blew their whistles to warn of what was seen. There was also the sound, monstrous indeed. Somewhere there are figures as to the number of entire families wiped out that day. I think I remember it as 98 whole families. I agree with you on wanting to go altogether. There are some heartbreaking stories of mothers and fathers who lost everyone but themselves. I can't fathom...)
Sarah said…
I bet it makes her day that you take her outside to see the trucks. If you ever need to score serious mommy points you could take her on a field trip to the dump!
Jen said…
I want to feel sorry for you but I'm overwhelmed by the cuteness.

(I know the only cure for that is babysitting on a Monday.)
Hillori said…
Oh Dear!!! You made me laugh so hard! You just described my day! I was just thinking about blogging about the garbage truck...ours only comes once a day, but we have four kids that are entirely obssesed with it...sigh!

Maybe go somewhere on Mondays (run your errands)with her to get away from the garbage truck?

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