Wherein I Confirm That I Will Never Know What is Going On

I went to Back to School night tonight for my 6th and 8th graders.  Two things occurred to me as I sat and listened to educational philosophies and grading policies and anecdotes about middle schoolers.

First, I realized that I have only a tangential idea of what is going on for my kids each day, and that a few minutes of "speed schooling" at Back To School night wasn't going to change that.

And second, I realized what I'm up against.

Five kids.
Between them, and not counting PE, they have 18 teachers.
Each of those teachers has a blog and/or website (or sometimes both), the purpose of which is to help students and parents keep track of all homework and classwork and test dates and project dates and everything.  So if you're counting, that's:

18 (minimum) blogs and/or websites to keep track of.
4 different powerschool logons.
3 school websites to stay on top of calendars and parent responsibilities.
1 first grade online reading website.
1 high school "Edmodo" site.
Various links each teacher wants my kids or me to "check out."

People, that's a minimum of 27 websites I'm supposed to check.  So, to all 18 of the educational professionals who are charged with teaching the AIRY5 children, please know that when you say "Just check my blog" or "Just check the website," my new response is going to be: "Just shoot me, please."

No wonder I never know what's going on. And maybe it's not my fault that I'm totally lost. Well, aside from the fact that I'm the one who had the five babies.

Good luck, kids.  Because there's not a chance in hell I will be able to keep up with keeping track of all of the websites and blogs that are supposed to help me keep up and keep track.  I feel like pinning a note to each kid's sweater tomorrow that says something like: "This child's parents cannot 'just check' pretty much anything, so do not suggest it."  Or maybe: "This child's parents had far too many children to be expected to check websites."  Or perhaps: "This child's parents are crying uncle.  Check your own damn website and let us know how it goes."

* * *

Come to think of it, maybe that's the way it should be anyway.  Maybe parents are just too involved in checking on all of these things for kids who could and should do it themselves.  Maybe exhaustion and overwhelm are the secret weapon of modern parenting.

* * *


Heather said…
Word. Empowering my kids to handle their business has been key to my survival. And they need it to. It's all a rehearsal for real life.
Heather. Word. Fist bump. High five.


emireland said…
My first one hit middle school before technology in school happened YAY! My second one was so into self empowerment I didn't even know websites were how they got homework and whatnots. I would just graze the websites...High school they are on their own. I just do powerschool and made sure everything got turned in and tests were ok.
Peekmi: I'm envious that you missed the technology bomb for your oldest! Sometimes, I wish we were Amish...
Gayle B said…
Monica, I realized at 6th grade BTSN this year that I've never once looked at a middle school HW organizer. The older two are doing well- I don't see any reason to change my ways. I check PowerSchool about once a week, ask a few questions to make sure everyone is on track, answer if they have questions and leave it at that. Yes to empowerment, no to being too involved!
Gayle, YES to empowerment! (hope you are well...) :)

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