I've Missed My Little Blog Community

As you might imagine from yesterday's post, life has transpired in such a way that writing for this blog has taken a serious back seat to other concerns.  That's been OK with me, since the only ways I could fit more into my days would be to clone myself or develop a meth habit.  Cloning seems complicated.  And I like my imperfect but intact teeth.  So no fitting more stuff in for me.

But posting yesterday -- a brief post that poured off my fingertips because it had to -- was good for me. The kind comments, both here and on the AIRY5 Facebook page, and the private messages friends sent have helped.  They also made me cry, but tears help anyway.

Thank you everyone, for being the best a blog can be: a community.

* * *


Thinking of you. (((HUGS)))

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