Designs By E

Once again, taking TV out of the equation has yielded boundless creativity.

I was super bummed out last night when my two little girls behaved so abominably at the grocery store that they lost their The Middle privileges.  Even as the words escaped my exasperated lips -- "If you keep fighting and being mean to each other, you will not watch The Middle tonight." -- I was regretting them, knowing as I do that enforcement is a bitch.

Of course.  They kept fighting.  Kept being bratty and mean.  Kept being those kids you see at the grocery store and silently thank the Lord they are not yours.

No, these two are mine-all-mine, and mine, the distinct pleasure of enforcing the consequence.  It was awful.  Oh, the whining, and pleading, and stomping, and thrashing!   Oh, the indignation, and disbelief, and horror, and insult!  Oh, the injustice of it all!

I just had to grit my teeth and keep telling myself that good mothers (a) enforce consequences, (b) do not slap whiny children (mostly), and (c) drink red wine in moderation (mostly).

And so the evening continued down a dreary path, until Lady E finally turned her attention away from pleading with me to change my mind and towards her aspirations to have her dress designs featured on ModCloth someday.  (You're welcome, ModCloth, for the unpaid advertisement.)

The Middle makes me laugh, but these designs make me happy happy happy:

Yay for no TV!  Yay for creative kids!  Yay for sucky consequences and silver linings!

* * *


Kristin said…
Great drawings!

My daughter was totally into sketching dresses for awhile and she wrote silly stories about them like they do in that J Peterman catalogue.

The mystery and romantic story about each dress is better than t.v.--commercials at least.

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