How Do You Do It?

This is not a rhetorical question.  This is a question seeking real answers, from real people.

How do you get yourself up from the couch and motivate yourself to make and serve dinner, monitor bath times, straighten the house, prepare the entire family for tomorrow's day at the beach, referee the arguments, the endless, endless arguments, ensure that the kids do their chores, in short, do everything that needs to be done, when you're tired, demoralized, otherwise engaged in a pity party, down on everyone (especially your children), and wishing everyone would just go away?

I need something.

I need to be something.

I need to hear something.

I need to get something done.

How do you do it?  When it all needs to get done, and you are the one who needs to do it and you would rather be the one who doesn't have to do a damn thing?

* * *


Laurel said…
I read your blog and it makes me laugh. Actually, on those nights I serve frozen waffles (which is what my kids are eating right now), I drink a glass of wine and I tomorrow will be a better day (and I scream a lot). I don't know how you do it. I have two kids who won't stop bickering with each other I can't imagine what it would be like with 5. God bless you.
Alonn Ilan said…
I will confess that I have told my family that they are on their own for the evening. I tried to make like Mary Poppins and turn it into a game. Apparently I am no Mary Poppins, and my kids are no Jane and Michael Banks. Stuff fell through the cracks, but I sat on my butt for a couple of hours. Once every 3 or 4 months, mama melts down and needs to sit on her butt. That's just the way it is. Pour a glass and enjoy a little time doing nothing!
You're in burnout mode. You need to build in breaks for yourself (at least once a week). When there's no relief in sight, it is hard to be motivated. It's amazing what having one little thing to look forward to can do for your psyche.
nicole said…
start with a tattoo of grace on one arm and love on the other arm.
Kristin said…
More sleep. More water. Exercise. a $20 hour-long reflexology Chinese foot massage once a week.
Another way is to blog about it, and then watch all the wonderful comments and suggestions come in!

Thank you, Laurel, Alonn, SC, Nicole, and Kristen for the comments.

Wine, water, time to myself, and a big slice of slack pie. I can do all of that. Not entirely sure about the tattoos...but I'll take the love and grace.


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