Little T.  She loves me so. She expresses her love by sobbing, whining, hanging on me, and being generally unbearable whenever we must spend the day apart.

Today is one such day.

The tears!  The angst!  The annoyance!

She's almost 7.  I would have hoped this would be slowing down to a crawl by now, but no, it seems rather to be ramping up in intensity.

She is not, however, one to miss an opportunity.  After an hour of pleading and cajoling with me to PLEASE let her come with me today, she settled on the following:

"Then I just want to keep your wallet with me today, to remember you by."

My wallet.  Riiiiiiight.  Opportunistic little monkey.

I would be touched by her need for some momento of me, except for the realization that she just wants to bleed me dry, and if she can't do it physically, then she's just as happy to drain my bank account.

I informed her that I would be taking my wallet with me, but I offered to draw her a picture of the two of us, so she could have something to keep with her today.  Thankfully, she loved the idea, and even expanded on it:

"You draw one for me, and I'll draw one for you!"

Awesome, right?  Well, yes, until this:

"I'm just going to need to know how to draw some spooky hair.  
Ya' know, like yours."

I didn't know I had spooky hair.  I did, however, know that I have a spark plug on my hands with this kid, and that she'll find new ways to remind me of this fact daily.

And now, I'm off to locate my hairbrush.

* * *

* * *


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