My New Daily Challenge: Join Me!

Remember that time in your life when there was always enough time to start a new habit...tomorrow?

Remember when all things seemed possible and doable and even guaranteed to happen?

Remember when you were young and your whole life was ahead of you?

Well, the whole rest of my life is still ahead of me, but I'm not getting any younger, and the time to start a new habit is pretty much in the NOW! DON'T PUT ANYTHING OFF category.

In that vein, and in the spirit of starting small and manageable, I recently joined an online Daily Health Challenge group.  Each day, I receive an email with a very small and simple "challenge," something to do that is related to overall health and well-being but that does not require much in the way of time or energy.

It's awesome.

I like it because doing these daily challenges is my small (I keep using that word!) way of turning this boat around, of starting a slow and perhaps arduous process of training myself to be healthier.  These are easy steps to take, but ones that are starting to turn me into a more health conscious person.

JOIN ME!  Check out this website and see if it's something you might want to do as well.

Happy healthfulness to all!

* * *


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